How to clone EDC15C0? Ktag or MPPS to use?

Topic: Looking for a tool / best way to read full data from an Edc15c0 and copy-paste it to another with the same software number. Ktag to use?

Option 1: Ktag
If you are able to read eeprom and flash that’s enough to clone it using Ktag.
there is a need to open the ecu, you’ll have to swap eeprom by desoldering, for flash, two solutions , first read write by boot mode (mpps ok), else desolder and swap.

Now that the last paragraph mentions ktag and mpps, one question “It’s better to buy ktag or mpps?”.
I prefer mpps, cheaper (19GBP here) and works very well on edc15


mpps rework guide: you need Open, read with ktag in full and restore to new ecu, job done.
The place to find EDC15C0 bootmode pins: pin 24 on 29fxxx.

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