Autel MK808 Reset BMW Mini Countryman Check Engine Light

There is a check engine light showing on the dashboard of a 2020 BMW Mini Countryman. So I’m gonna use Autel MaxiCOM MK808 OBD2 Scanner to reset it. It also works on a lot of other makes, models, and years. For more advanced functions, you may choose Autel MK808TS, MK808BT as well.autel-mk808-reset-bmw-mini-countryman-check-engine-light-(1)

Diagnostics >> EOBD >> Autoscan >> OK >> DTC & FFD >> Read codes
Autel MK808 tells a fault code:
P0103: Mass or volume air flow sensor “A” circuit high.

In fact, I’ve already changed the mass airflow sensor, but the Mini is still getting a warning light. So I need to use MK808 to clear codes.

Clear DTC >> Yes
No-fault codes detected.





Let’s start the engine, if the check engine light goes off then it’s done.
Yeah, it’s actually gone off.
Sometimes if it doesn’t work, you can select a specific vehicle instead of EOBD.

In addition, it’s worth mentioning that purchasing the Original Autel Diagnostic Tool on can protect your vehicle from damage by a fake or cloned tool.


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