Yanhua Mini ACDP + Module 13 Clone VW Audi VL381(0AW) Gearbox

This is a tutorial on how to use Yanhua Mini ACDP + Module 13 clone Volkswagen/ Audi VL381(0AW) gearbox. Module 13 also supports DQ200(0AM/0CW), DQ250(02E/0D9), DL382(0CK), DL501(0B5) models as well.

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Check full operations on Youtube:

Operation Process
To check the connection diagram, please click “Help”.
Please make sure the model & SN is correct;

Tool Required:
VL381 gearbox
VL381 interface board
20PIN cable
OBP+ICP adapter
ACDP host

Install the interface board. Short circuit the CAN resistor on the OBP+ICP adapter to the “CAN-R-JOIN”.


Step1. Read & Backup Data
Mini ACDP >> VW >> Gearbox Clone >> Audi >> VL381(0AW) >> Full Backup
1. Please connect ACDP with the gearbox.
2. This function needs to be connected to the Internet. Please make sure the network is good.

Confirm gearbox model, press “Continue”.
Read to read chip data, press “OK”.
Please save the chip data, press “OK”.
*(Please noted the file name contains gearbox model & operation time)



Step2. Write Data
Connect the new VL381(0AW) gearbox.
Full write >> OK >> Continue >> OK >> Load data file
Data written successfully!


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