Xhorse Condor XC-002 PRO Cut HON66 Key Tutorial

Today we’ll discuss cutting a HON66 key with Xhorse Condor XC-002 PRO. Before cutting, always make sure the key-cutting machine is well-calibrated.

Height Level Adjustment
Method 1.
1)To start, we insert the original key with the help of a guiding block. We’re gonna use a shim to make sure the key is well aligned.
2)Insert the key blank to the right. Now we’re ready to begin height level adjustment.
3)Press down the main handle and check the indicator light. So we should just follow the direction of the light and rotate the micro-adjust knob until the middle light turns green.







If you don’t have a shim momentarily, there is another method you can apply.
1)To ensure accuracy, we can also use probes of the same specification on both sides.
2)Press down the main handle and rotate it to lock it. And you can utilize the probe and cutter of the machine for key alignment.
3)Replace the cutter and adjust the micro-adjust knob until the middle light turns green.
Okay, now we’ve finished the height level adjustment of Condor XC-002 PRO.


Before we start cutting, we need to take a look at the clamp. There are 3 marked positions at the bottom of the clamp: A, B, and C.
1. Slide in the clamp and make one triangle directs to the line depending on your need.
2. Then turn on the power switch of the cutter and adjust the speed control knob to a suitable speed.

Key Cutting
After getting everything ready, now we can start duplicating the key.
1. Press down the main handle and start cutting.
Now we’ve finished the one side of the key.
2. Turn off the power switch of the cutter. Clean up the clamp and flip the key.
3. Similarly, align the key and finish the height level adjustment of the other side.
4. Then turn on the switch to cut the key.

*Do not forget to turn off the power when completed.

Now we’ve finished the cutting and have a new HON66 key.



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