Xhorse Condor XC-002 PRO Dimple Key Cutting Tutorial

This tutorial is introducing how to cut a dimple key with Xhorse Condor XC-002 PRO machine step by step.


1. Insert The Internal Dimple Probe & Cutter


2. Insert The Keys
Insert the original key and the blank key using a shim.


3. Select Standard Mode
Rotate the knob to standard mode.


4. Finish The Calibration
Press down the handle and finish the calibration.
Just follow the direction of the light and rotate the micro-adjust knob until the middle light turns green.
Make sure that the clamp is in the corresponding position.



5. Duplicate The Key
Turn on the cutter switch and press down the main handle to duplicate the key.
Turn off the switch after finishing one side cutting.
Flip the key and continue to cut the other side.
After finishing one side, turn off the switch and clean up.


6. Insert The External Dimple Probe & Cutter
Replace the internal dimple probe and cutter with external ones.


7. Select Dimple Mode
Switch the knob to dimple mode.

8. Insert The Keys

9. Finish The Calibration
Clamp the keys and don’t forget to complete the calibration.


10. Duplicate the key
After finishing one side, turn off the switch and clean up. Flip the key and cut the other side.

Now we’ve got a perfect duplicate by Condor XC-002 PRO Key Cutting Machine.
Let’s give it a try, it works perfectly.


Video guides:


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