VW Audi Odometer Correction via Obdstar X300M by OBD

How to use OBDSTAR X300M tool to perform odometer correction for a Volkswagen Audi by OBD? Today I will make a short demonstration for the steps.

This is OBDSTAR X300M odometer adjustment tool box, as you seen, the mileage of this car is 150111 km now. Connect OBD port with OBDSTAR X300M via cable, then let’s start:
vw-audi-odometer-correction-via-obdstar-x300m-by-obd (1)

Vehicle >> Cluster calibrate >> VW
vw-audi-odometer-correction-via-obdstar-x300m-by-obd (2)

VW V31.66 >> Select from type >> NEC+24C32 VDO
vw-audi-odometer-correction-via-obdstar-x300m-by-obd (3)

Read write mileage >> Mileage adjustment

Turn ignition on, press “ENT” to continue.
vw-audi-odometer-correction-via-obdstar-x300m-by-obd (4)

Reading data …

Enter a filename to save >> Input value >> ENT
vw-audi-odometer-correction-via-obdstar-x300m-by-obd (5)

ENT >> Input the mileage of adjustment: 100000 km
vw-audi-odometer-correction-via-obdstar-x300m-by-obd (6)

Turn ignition on, press “ENT” to continue.

Writing data …

Now you can see the mileage has been changed.

Adjustment complete!
vw-audi-odometer-correction-via-obdstar-x300m-by-obd (7)

OBDSTAR X300M OBD2 Odometer Correction Tool is amazing to finish VW Audi mileage adjustment in 4 minutes. Quite easy to operate.



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