V2.1.2.0 CG Pro 9S12 Key Programmer Software Download and Update

Good news!! CG Pro 9S12 Key Programmer Software can be updated to V2.1.2.0. This post will provides you free download link and more details.

CG Pro 9S12 V2.1.2.0 Download:


CG Pro 9S12 V2.1.2.0 update content:

1. Immobilizer, added support PFLASH Backup

Porsche BCM-1L15Y (PFLASH Backup)

Porsche BCM-2M25J (PFLASH Backup)

2. Intelligent Computer, added support PFLASH Backup

Jaguar/Land Rover RFA-1M12S (PFLASH Backup)

Jaguar/Land Rover RFA-2M53J (PFLASH Backup)

3. CPU->MCU, added support chip

ST M29F200BB

ST M29F400BB

4. KVM interface and prompt repair

5. Problem repair increases stability


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