CG Pro + 35160WT adapter fix the mileage without emulator

No more the need to use the emulator, with the CG Pro and 35160WT adapter, you can now fix the mileage without emulator.

35160WT adapter for CG Pro Function
 First in the world
 For the 35160T chip that cannot be erased, it can directly repair the red dot of original vehicle, directly use the original car chip.

35160WT adapter for CG Pro 9S12 on sale now:

35160wt-adapter-for-cg-pro-9s12-01 35160wt-adapter-for-cg-pro-9s12-02 35160wt-adapter-for-cg-pro-9s12-03

Let’s go back to CG-Pro V2.0.0.0 update related 35160WT adapter:


1. Added support chip

ST 35160WT (Must use a dedicated 35160WT adapter)

Microchip PIC18F6520

Microchip PIC18F6720

Microchip PIC18F8520

Microchip PIC18F8620

Microchip PIC18F8720

Microchip PIC12F635

Microchip PIC12F683

Microchip PIC16F631

Microchip PIC16F636

Microchip PIC16F639

Microchip PIC16F677

Microchip PIC16F684

Microchip PIC16F685

Microchip PIC16F687

Microchip PIC16F688

Microchip PIC16F689

Microchip PIC16F690

2. Added Dashboard
BMW 35080 V5 (35160WT) (Must use a dedicated 35160WT adapter)

3. Added ECU
Delphi MT22 MT60 (PFLASH)
Delphi MT22.1.1-2M53J (PFLASH)

4. Added user guide function
Now, after the program is installed first opened, it will enter the basic functions page guide to help users quickly understand the software.

5. Software structure optimization
Operation interface adjustment to improve functional clarity. Reduce resource consumption and improve operational stability.

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