Step By Step How to Install Full OEM Orange 5 Programming Software

OEM orange 5 with full set of adapters is a new ECU tool which popular among the public in European.

oem-orange5-professional-programming-device-1[1] engineer already tested the software installation successfully. This is the procedure step by step.

Equipment Needed:

OEM orange 5

Laptop with XP/WIN7/WIN8 system

Notice before testing:

There will be warning in yellow for the first time to install device on some laptops. Just reconnected the device will be OK.

Testing process:

Move my computer-orange5 (E:)-software-orange5v1.34 to the desktop

Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)

Choose the search and installation options


Please wait while the wizard searches…

The device cannot start, and then click finish to start a troubleshooter that can help you resolve the problem.


Choose computer management (local)-Device Manager-universal serial bus controllers-ORANGES USB

Unplug orange 5 USB cable then replug, you will see the drive is working.


Open Orange programmer CnClab


Select options-hardware, click test

orange5-installation-6 orange5-installation-5

Hardware is ok

Select type: Group-MicroChip; Chip-93C66


Read chip 93C66

Choose 93LC56, 93LC46 and read

Notice: do not choose the wrong chip.


Cancel “Chip not responds at 0000”

Choose 93LC66 and read. Then save them in file named Toyota 1 on the desktop

Click erase

Buffer is EMPTY! Write and read 93LC66

Open Toyota 1

Write and read 93LC66

Choose Buffer-checksum


Choose Tools-pintester, press set


The software display:





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