(Solved) VW Passat 2.0cr CBAB edc17cp14 won’t start, OBD write failed

I tried to write a file to my friends car VW Passat 2.0cr CBAB edc17cp14 through OBD with KESS, it failed and now the car won’t start.
Properly it is Tprot locked.
Before that, I read the original file through OBD, and wrote it back again with no problems.
But now it is properly locked.

Afterwards i have put the ECU to boot mode with kess tricore module, where i have made a “backup file read” and a “normal read”

I have read something about creating a restored file from the three files i just mentioned above.
Hopefully one can guide me in a right direction or help me creating a restored file so the car can start again.
I attach my file
Passat CBAB edc17cp14.zip

And this is some files read out with MPPS V18

This is the id I have:
SW: 1037563234
VIN nr.:
SW ver.:
HW Ver.:
SW upg.: 03L906022QD 9977
Installation: P151 – Bosch EDC17CP14 internal flash VAG

Here you go, put the ecu back into car and recover with 501 protocol and follow instructions ksuite tells you

Finally the problem was solved with this guide:
Problem: ECU VAG EDC17CP04/14 blocked writing MOD by OBD (so called EEPROM crash)
caused by: ECU remain in programming mode.
1. Read IROM / XROM and EEPROM in bootloader mode.
2. Fix IROM/XROM using bootloader readout and OBD ORI readout (you will probably need to paste part of map zone and chk/RSA zone)
3. Write fixed IROM/XROM by bootloader (do not touch EEPROM!)
4. connect ECU to the car and write repaired IROM/XROM (same used for bootloader) by OBD.
It will automaticaly fix eeprom problem.

Credits to eivin96 member of ecuedit forum
Thanks Laurance from www.obd2shop.co.uk

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