Corsa d marelli mjd 603 ecu read and write, which tool?

I need to read full bdm mpc563, which ECU programmer can work, Xprog? MPPS clone? ktag ? Galletto v54? or any other tools?

1. MPPS clone: ok
with mpps clone you can read mpc, eeprom and m58bw016 full read and write…
also with ioterminal…
both without opening…
with mpps you need multiboot protocol…

2. ktag: ok
ktag reads & writes without any problem that ecu…..

3. Galletto v54: OK
Galletto v54 reads & writes without any problem that ecu…..

4. BDM100: OK
When using BDM100, You must desolder 0 ohm resistor.
You have everything described in the attachment.!dNQkTAyB!QaknwIzKv5d5W6bMj9DBHD1YJhAMIaq1CkkA5O1PDXc
Case study:
I’m using cmd version 3.1.0 1255 software
I have removed the resistor and when connected it doesn’t autodetect the ecu so I have to select it manually from a dropdown list and it will read but not write. it only allows to read a single file, advanced options are grayed out.
This is the result of my read in single file mode:

Corsa d marelli mjd 603 ecu read and write, which tool-01

Corsa d marelli mjd 603 ecu read and write, which tool-02

Analysis: mpc can’t acces flash,that is why you bdm can’t identify ecu.if you want to fix it you must reball mpc.
Finally, Tried a different opel ecu and it read fine although I have to keep updating the driver for s/w but I did get a good read so the processor on the original must have been damaged.
Ok I’ve managed to successfully read mpc,flash and eep from a good ecu

Advice: As long you choose the correct ecu it lets you write whole content bun not one at a you must use “read ecu” to read one file or use import option to make single full bdm file.
Use this file it’s a full bdm.!RABQlADQ!1x7DjF-3Es4vk-8igM1m7U2tcxY5W7iHhEyAjgawIKE

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