Lonsdor K518 Reprogram 2019 Toyota Avalon 8A-AA/8A-BA AKL

As we are known for Toyota/Lexus chip-type AA or BA models, we cannot reprogram the deleted original keys anymore. But Lonsdor K518 PRO can do it. Even for the deleted locked original keys from other BA/AA models or the brand new unprogrammed keys, which cannot be programmed before. Following I’m gonna reprogram for a 2019 Toyota Avalon as an example.

Lonsdor K518
Original key (lock & unlock are working)
Lonsdor LT20 Smart Key with the latest version (lock & unlock do not work)
Brand new unprogrammed key (cannot be programmed to this car before, lock & unlock do not work)

Step1. Read the data of the unprogrammed key first.

Step2. Generate a new key with the Lonsdor LT20 smart key.
1)Make sure we have the WIFI connection well, and put this unprogrammed key to the K518 card slot first.
2)Use the LT20 smart key to generate the new programmable key, and put the LT20 smart key into the K518 card slot.
Generated successfully.


Step3. Back up the data & add the key to this car.
Backup immobilizer data.
Turn on the ignition then turn off.
Turn on the 2 flashing lights.
The backup is completed.


Now we’ll add the smart key.
Turn the ignition on again
You’ll find we only have 1 registered key right now.
Touch the original key to the ignition button, and the LT20 smart key to the ignition button again.
We have 2 registered keys right now.

Put the LT20 smart key close to the start button.
Programming completed.




Step4. Write the data from the LT20 smart key to the new key.
Generate successfully.


Let’s put the original key and LT20 smart key outside, the new key can lock, unlock, and start the car. It’s well done for this function.



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