How to Generate & Add a New Lonsdor LT20 Smart Key?

Lonsdor LT20 smart key family has 8 different shapes to fit the original shell perfectly. Among them, Lonsdor LT20-01, LT20-04, and LT20-08 are the best sellers.

This is LT20-01 with the same board shape as an original keyboard. It’s not a problem to fit the original key shells for chip 4D. This model can be used to generate the key like Toyota Camry and Land Cruiser.

LT20-04 is with a board shape to fit the key shells for chip 8A. Its original software is 0020. You can convert the software depending on the model and year of your car. It does a great job, like Toyota RAV4, Highlander.

LT20-08 board shape fits the key shells for chip 8A as well. It supports software 0410. And can be used for many new Toyota models like the year 2022 Camry, Highlander, C-HR, and Avalon.

All 8 different board shapes can be generated with different software with specific frequencies and button functions.

How to generate LT20 smart key?
We’ll need Lonsdor K518ISE or KH100+ to process. The operation path is the same for both devices.

Here’s taking K518ISE and LT20-04 smart key to generate a new key for the 2022 Toyota Camry as an example. Please remember to set WIFI before key generating.

Special function >> Key settings >> LT smart key >> Convert smart key type >> OK
Push open the card slot’s baffle on the device.
Place the key to be generated into the K518 card slot.

By selecting key type >> Generate 8A >> 0410(P4: 91 00 A9 A9) >> 433.58/434.42MHz >> Button 3 Trunk-Button 4 Panic
Generate successfully.


How to make a new LT20 smart key?
IMMO & Remote >> Toyota >> Select from type >> PEPS(passive entry and the passive start) >> Type3(CAN) >> Add smart key
Make sure the smart key battery is full.
Insufficient power may cause program failure.
Put an emulator key or workable original key close to the ignition switch, and turn it ON till the dashboard is lit up.
Current key count: 1

Put the back side of the registered key close to the start button, when the buzzer rings once, remove the key.
Within 30 secs put the back of the key(to be registered) close to the car start button, when the buzzer beeps twice, remove the key.
Operation completed!
Count of registered keys: 2
Count of registrable keys: 5

Let’s try whether is the new key working or not.
We can lock and unlock the door.



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