Common Problems and Solutions for Yanhua Mini ACDP Connection

This article integrates several common connection issues encountered while using ACDP and their solutions. I hope they are useful to you.

Problem 1: The following error occurs when connecting the ACDP-1 to the phone via WiFi:


Solution: End the process and restart the APP.
Tip: When connecting via WiFi, the network should be kept open and the WiFi name should not be too long. The WiFi name below is too long.


Problem 2: This prompt appears when my ACDP-2 is connected to the computer. How to solve it?


Solution: You are using the ACDP-2 Programmer, so you need to use the ACDP-2 APP instead of ACDP-1.
ACDP-2 Software Download:

Problem 3: ACDP-2 connection to PC with USB cable fails
Solution: Refer to the post
(Solved) ACDP-2 connection to PC with USB cable failed

To be continued…

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