Lonsdor K518 (2022-)Toyota 8A-BA/4A Key Add & AKL Upgrade

Lonsdor K518 series has been upgraded to be able to program add key & all key lost without PIN code for the latest (2022-) Toyota/Lexus 8A-BA vehicles. Covering BZ4X, Granvia, Harrier, Venza, Sienna, Wildlander, Sequoia, Tundra, and Land Cruiser.

1. Need to activate Toyota AKL Online Calculation first and use Lonsdor FP-30 Cable together.
2. Working for Lonsdor K518ISE/ K518S Key Programmer.


2022+ Toyota 4A IMMO Upgrade
We know the system of the latest Corolla Cross is different from the latest Sienna, it’s a 4A chip vehicle. There’s another good news today: Lonsdor K518 can program add keys & all key lost without PIN code on the latest Toyota 4A chip type vehicles, including Yaris, Cross, Frontlander, and Yaris HV(2022-).

Operation Process
Here’s programming a 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross as an example.

1. Before doing this function, we need to connect the Lonsdor’s latest Toyota FP30 Cable to a smart box of the car.
2. The other end connects to the OBD port of K518.
*FP-30 will not damage the communication cable of the original car during operation.
3. In addition, we also need a Lonsdor LKE Key Emulator.

Step1. Back-Up Immo Data
Please make sure the device is well connected to the network before the operation!
During the use of this function, please do not operate abnormally, or maliciously steal relevant data, otherwise, the K518 will be locked and cannot be unlocked.
Please turn the ignition on, if fails, please turn on 2 flashing lights.
Immo data backed up successfully.

Step2. Generate Emergency Key
This function can load immo backup data to generate an emergency key in an AKL situation, then you use this key to turn on the dashboard to add keys.
Please put the key emulator into K518’s card slot.
Selected the saved immo file.
An emergency key was generated successfully.
Please use the emergency key to turn the ignition on, then enter the “Add Smart Key” function menu to add new keys.

Test the emergency key, it’s working.


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