Launch CRP123X Diagnostic Tool Review 2020

Launch CRP123X diagnostic tool features with a 5 inches touchscreen, which supports all OBD functions and the basic quick test for engine, transmission, ABS and SRS system. It is ideally suitable for car repair enthusiastic, but do you want to know their feedback? Let’s move forward.

The Launch CRP123X came with a carrying bag, charging cable and OBD2 cable. You can power it on without connecting to a vehicle. Easy to use, very sturdy and firm case. It can quickly identify my Nissan without entering the VIN code one by one. With the diagnostic trouble code it provided, I felt confident to avoid being cheated by mechanics for paying much money. The diagnosis of CRP123X for ABS, SRS, engine and transmission is fast and effective. Buy this Launch tool and you won’t regret it!


Set up for Launch CRP123X is super easy, it has a strong battery to last a lone time. The protective cover seems firm but I don’t like red color. However, I like its storage, it is showing 2.7GB available. The WIFI connection allows me to send a health report and Google directly which is helpful. I really like Launch CRP123X tool, and always keep it in my trunk to use. It is said to have lifetime free update, if you are a DIYer, this would be a good purchase.

Thanks to Launch CRP123X, it can give me any engine trouble codes. The scanner connects to my Wifi just as easy as my phone. I can upgrade the firmwares via Wifi directly. It can show the battery voltage as well, I absolutely love it. From DIY to the professionals both would like it.

I bought Launch CRP123X to see and clear ABS and SRS codes on a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado, it helped to identify and clear drivers airbag low resistance and front left impact sensor codes. The software covers a lot of vehicles, I will use it to keep several high mileage vehicles going. The OBD2 device is quite helpful.

I was surprised by the speed of Launch CRP123X, it found VIN numbers quickly for a 2004 Nissan Titan and a 2005 Chrysler Town and Country. With the generated report, I can highlight any faults and go directly to live data. The interface is easy to operate, any skill level could use this scanner smoothly. Otherwise, pressing the power button can quickly see its battery life. I really like this feature.

Launch CRP123X screen is clear and nice. What impressed me most is the combining of AutoVIN technology & WIFI update, being the best choice for me in terms of performance, speed, data transfer and analysis. It can identified my car immediately without inputting the year, make, engine, etc. It allows me to read and retrieve diagnostic codes easily, perform a quick scan, even can reset error SRS light to save me much time and money. I was satisfied and will recommend it.

I was tired of taking my truck to a mechanic when the annoying check engine light was shinning in my face again. So I bought this Launch CRP123X scanner to fix it myself. It listed all the probable problems and locations on my vehicle. I’m sure I will use it again and again for my family or friends. It saved me lots of money, what more to ask for? I will highly recommend the Launch scan tool.


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