Launch CReader 3001 review: wins in O2 Sensor & EVAP Test

If you are a car DIY or an average car owner, did you come across any of the following situation?
-Have check engine light on and want to know what it’s meaning and reset it.
-Have realized a drastic drop in fuel mileage then you need to check the O2 sensor.
-When you suspect that there is a leak in the fuel system then it’s advisable to perform EVAP test.
Then you need one basic diagnostic scanner. Fortunately, Launch CReader 3001 is such an affordable scanner that can help you to perform basic diagnostic functions.
Launch CReader 3001 spotlights:
1. With in-built DiagnosticTrouble Code (DTC) lookup library
It means that Launch CReader 3001 scan tool retrieves codes and display what are their meaning on the screen. Which help user quickly and easily judge where is the problem and how to do next.
2. Wins in O2 sensor test
If you realize a drastic drop in fuel mileage then you need to check the O2 sensor.
Launch CReader 3001 will help you to effectively determine if the O2 sensor is properly functioning.
A properly functioning O2 sensor analyzes the amount of oxygen available in a car’s exhaust stream.
The information is turned into an effective voltage signal used to control the fuel ratio as well as emission.
A defective sensor transmits erroneous voltage signals to vehicles onboard computer.
As a result, the vehicle will consume more fuel and emits fumes that pollute the air.
Other signs that may point to a bad oxygen sensor include rough idling, engine stalling, and weak acceleration.
Besides, you can detect a strong smell and Malfunction Lights being subsequently turned on.
Launch CReader 3001 will tell when there is a problem with the O2 sensor.
Then you can replace the O2 sensor if it is defective.
Replacing a defective O2 sensor can prevent possible damage to the catalytic converter. Catalytic converter cost thousands of dollars to replace.

3. Wins in EVAP test
Launch CReader 3001 can retrieve EVAP codes. The EVAP system helps to check fuel vapor leaks including when there is a missing gas cap or a loose gas cap.
The EVAP monitor points out vapor leaks when pressure or vacuum is applied to vapor lines, fuel tank, and charcoal canister.
A diagnostic trouble code is generated when EVAP detects a leak that exceeds 0.040 or 0.020 for vehicles manufactured after 2000.
Equally, if the monitor detects an absolute lack of airflow during the time the purge valve is opened it will generate a diagnostic code.
Launch CReader 3001 will help you to retrieve the diagnostic codes ranging from P0440 to P0457.
Even better, the inbuilt DTC lookup library will define the codes simplifying analysis and repair process.

4. Reset check engine light on
Launch CReader 3001 OBD II scan tool can read the check engine lights and defines the code.
Launch CReader 3001 is a plug and play scanner all you need is to directly connect it to your car.
It has a link connector that connects to a 16 pins port located near the steering wheel.
Once you have established a connection you can use the up or down buttons to select codes.
You can also use the return button when you want to go back to a previous code.
Once you have identified the code that you want to clear all you need to do is to press the “OK” button.

Can my car use Launch CReader 3001?
If you have an OBDII compliant car then chances are that Launch CReader 3001 can help you diagnose it.
Besides, this scan tool is compatible with all OBDII/EOBD and CAN protocols.

Can it be reset for other languages except for English?
Yes, it is available with English, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, and German.

Who it can serve?
Launch CReader 3001 is primarily designed for DIY and average car owners who want to perform basic diagnosis on their cars.

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