Is vvdi prog fine for reading FEM eeprom? and how?

Using vvdi prog and a chip adaptor
420d all keys lost
Trying to read the chip on the FEM 95128 but unfortunately every time i read i get a different result or I get all 0’s.

How to fix the problem?
vvdi prog is fine for FEM eeprom, do not need to remove from board,
make sure you are correct choice on menu because there are 3 choice of eeprom on FEM/BDC.
Just make sure you clean all the legs properly.

And better use VVDI Prog eeprom adapter for reading in circuit, not directly plug clip in zif on vvdi prog. Not fem adaptor, you need adaptor for reading eeproms in circuit: Xhorse VVDI PROG XDPG12 EEPROM Clip Adapter

Have done a few now by reading with vvdi prog without taking off board.
Scrape the eeprom legs with a blade and then clip on to it.
I drop the voltage to 3.3v on vvdi prog and then read.
Read a few times and compare the files and to make sure the reading is correct.

Good luck!

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