How to Solve The New Genius K-touch Map Fatal Error : Ivalid Version Of RaceLoc.dll

What if the New Genius K-touch Map happen problem ” Fatal Error: Invalid version of RaceLoc.dll ” how do we solve it ?

Now no need worry ! Here engineer share with you how to solve this problem, following with us :

Problem showing like:


Engineers way to solving by the replacement of RaceLoc.dll

Open the folder K-Touch software on Desktop.
Extract setup3.
New file RaceLoc.dll.


Open Computer->disk C:->User->SZpr.
Go to menu bar, select Organize->Folder and search options.


Select View.
Click Show hidden files, folders, and drives. Click ok.


Open AppData\Local\DimWare\RaceEVO\7.0. And delete RaceLoc.dll.


Cut new file RaceLoc.dll from folder K-Touch software to Computer->disk C:->User->SZpr->AppData\Local\DimWare\RaceEVO\7.0.



Please Kindly Notice: the path to RaceLoc.dll may be different because of different Win 7 user’s name or Win 7 system in other languages

Then you can run New Genius.

New Genius software used download link:
(available on WIN 7, XP)

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