How to Solve MB SD Connect C4 SCN coding login service error

1 years ago, I bought the MB SD C4 in my country and I have the MB account and our engineer confirmed the account can be applied to MB SD Connect C4 clone multiplexer.

I wanna do online SCN coding and got the 2015.12 DAS Xentry star diagnostic software.

But when I do it came across error before enter login menu.


Error when starting the process: login service


I search on google and find this seller who sell MB SD C4.

The customer Elyza from this website is very patience and kindly to help me solve the problem.

She told me :

” Hello Dear friend, please you need start from Xentry but not DAS , please make sure internet connection is well built. Set the computer time to your local time! ”

I followed this suggestion and do it again, Now the problem fixed !


Really very thanks for their suggestion.

Altough not bought from this website, but I’d like to start business with them with them and bought  Latest MB SD C4 plus DELL D630 4GB Laptop Installation Well Ready Use 

We believe they would be a good and reliable seller!







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