How to Solve MB SD C4 Error on MB Tourismo Bus

I bought the MB SD C4 Plus DELL D630 Laptop installation well from the website, when I test it have the problem MB SD C4 cannot power on when connected with MB Tourismo bus, I contacted there customer service Elyza , and here is the solution of MB Tourismo bus diagnosis or programming.

Problem Description:

” I have tried 2 different sd connect c4 on Tourismo buses and sd connect does not power on.In the meantime those MB sd connect C4 works normally to any
other MB Truck and car.also on Tourismo have check MB Star C3 and works normally.”

You should check:

bus with OBD
pin 4 + 5
both must be connected and ground

In SDConnect “-” is 5 pin only. There is 4 contact not used in 16pin OBD connector.

“i’m getting an communication error when connecting xentry to a MB tourismo.”




Way To Solve :

– turn OFF/ON BUS ground switch (our remove battery – cable). FPS1 wake up and Star diagnostic recognized FPS1/VIN code.


– enter the DAS ATEGO truck come and place manually and then it will work perfect

” Another problem is : “Currently the speed limit is set to 100 km/h. I’m trying to set it to higher value (with DAS using modified EOL files). On the menu it tells me that I can, because there are higher values (105 km/h. 112 km/h, etc). But when I try to set the speed limit to higher than 100 km/h it doesn’t allow me to do it (can’t save the changes). When I try to set it below 100 km/h everything goes fine.”

I done the Access special settings , and it working perfect now!


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