How to protect car finish?

car finish need to be carefully protected, or else a long time, the paint will fade will also influence the vehicle appearance. Here Elyza from according to my experience tell you how to protect car finish

Tools use:

Car covers, car wax, special Cleaning cloth

  1. Avoid cars exposure Under the Sun.
    If exposure car regularly, it is easy to damage the paint, so please let the car park in the shade the ground under the big sun , or have own dedicated garage. This can better protect your car’s finish.


2) Use Car cover protect the paint.
If the vehicle is frequently park outside, you can buy this car special Car covers to protect the paint, so that the sun and rain, bird droppings and dust on insects are not afraid. But the Car covers varied greatly in quality, need to buy excellent quality can play a role to protect the paint.


3) Timely washing snow and raining.
Whenever the vehicle through rain and snow, the car body has been dirty, and covered with the bodies of insects, acid rain and other pollutants, the long run hurt the paint is relatively large. So when after the rain and snow, to promptly wash washing vehicles, especially the rain just stopped, this time is easy to clean.



4) Develop the car duster habits
If you develop a regular habit to whisk cars, it is very useful to protect the paintwork. Car dust at any time, piled up, dust cover will paint bleak, not so bright, so need regular whisk to protect the paint. Whisk tool need to select soft one.


5) Select Soft Cache cloth or sponge.
In Cleaning car wash, you should use a dedicated Cache cloth to protect the paint. In the auto parts and other places you can buy it, must feel particularly soft, absorbent strong, It is easy for use.

6) Avoid hot water wash cars in cold days
Wash cars in winter, Must attention not wash the car immediately once the car park. Contact with cold water in a state before the hood still hot, over large temperature can damage the paint. So wash cars in the cold days need the cars cool down, or use warm water wash.


7) Regularly to paint waxing.
Car wax can be very well protected the paint, generally have garage parking, and more in good vehicles on the road, every 3-4 months to play a wax. park outside vehicles, due to the wind and rain, preferably every 2-3 months to play a wax. It can be judged from touch, in generally speaking, when use hands touch the car body feeling not smooth, we can re-waxing. Best in the shade to car wax to ensure that the body will not fever. Because as the temperature rises, the wax adhesion worse, will affect the quality waxing.



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