MB SD C4 V2016.03 New Released! Tips help you buy the SD Connect 4

Last month obd2shop.co.uk V2016.03 for MB SD C4 Star Diagnostic new arrival.Customer might ask there are so many kinds of MB SD Connect C4 in your website, how can I choose and buy it ?

Please do not worry , Here we’d like to introduce you how to choose:

  1. SP100-D VS SP100-SD




MB SD C4 With WIFI With V2016.03 HDD

SP100-SD  http://www.obd2shop.co.uk/wholesale/newly-mb-sd-c4-with-ssd.html

MB SD C4 With WIFI With V2016.03 SSD

Both of them are the MB SD C4 With the same function

Tips buy :SP100-D is comes with V2016.03 Normal HDD (500GB) SP100-SD is comes with V2016.03 SSD (256GB)

Usually the Normal HDD can fit and satisfy for your working.

If you wanna normal HDD or working on more laptops, can choose the SP100-D, choose DELL D630 or External WIN7/WIN8 Format

If you have DELL D630 Laptop, and wanna faster and stable and more professional and budget enough, can choose SP100-SD.

2).TK34 VS TK35


TK34 http://www.obd2shop.co.uk/wholesale/mb-sd-c4-plus-dell-d630-4gb-laptop.html

V2016.03 MB SD C4 Plus DELL D630 4GB Laptop

TK35 http://www.obd2shop.co.uk/wholesale/mb-sd-c4-with-ssd-plus-dell-d630-4gb.html

V2016.03 MB SD C4 With SSD Plus DELL D630 4GB Laptop

Both package device software has been installation and activated well before shipment, you can use directly

Tips to buy : TK34 is comes with normal 2016.03 DELL D630 HDD ; TK35 is comes with 2016.03 DELL D630 SSD

Like SD C4, Usually the Normal HDD can fit and satisfy for your working.

If you,wanna faster and stable and more professional and budget enough, can choose SSD Version

3). If you already have the SD C4 , you can also directly buy the HDD/SSD


SS186-D3 VS SS186-8D3

SS186-D3 http://www.obd2shop.co.uk/wholesale/latest-mb-sd-c4-hdd-win7-system.html

V2016.03 HDD WIN7 system


SS186-8D3 http://www.obd2shop.co.uk/wholesale/latest-sd-c4-connnect-hdd-win8-system.html

V2016.03 HDD WIN8 system

Tips buy : SS186-D3 is V2016.03 HDD WIN7 system, SS186-8D3 is V2016.03 HDD WIN8 system, both have DELL HDD and External HDD format choose


Both WIN7/WIN 8 DELL HDD/SSD can support WIFI, WIN8 system support via Router.

WIN7/WIN 8 External HDD/SSD can not support WIFI

All WIN7/WIN8 DELL/External HDD/SSD not support HHT

4). SS12 VS SS99

SS12 http://www.obd2shop.co.uk/wholesale/setting-up-offline-mode-in-latest-das.html

SD C4 2012.11 offline programming

SS99 http://www.obd2shop.co.uk/wholesale/online-scn-coding.html

SD C4 online SCN Coding programming

Tips buy : If wanna do offline programming, choose SS12, if do online scn coding, choose SS99

Both we would open for you via Remote access

Hot Selling 2 package offer:

TK27 http://www.obd2shop.co.uk/wholesale/mb-sd-c4-star-diagnosis-with-dell-d630-laptop-4gb-memory-with-offline-programming.html

MB SD C4 V2016.03 plus DELL D630 4GB Laptop including 2012.11 offline programming


MB SD C4 V2016.03 Plus Original 2GB EVG7 Tablet PC

All devices After-Sale Warranty:  One Year!





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