How to fix W204 dash 999999km using CGDI MB?

My workshop replaced ESL previously,
and I believe my EZS has been replaced too,
because the mileage in EZS is a bit wierd ~
Current km reading -> over 1600k km !
Last mileage , second to last km reading -> ~70k km but it is fixed no matter how far you go.
Dash mileage was ok.

After CGW firmware flash in Vediamo, now dash show 99999km
Tried reset ESL EZS, now EZS last mileage is 0km, but that don’t fix dash.

Tool used to virginize ezs:
CGDI MB Programmer

Finally, got mileage corrected.
Confirm EIS need to reset couple times…

Thanks to @ Speedosoft for what he shared:
I have Diagspeed too and i can tell you that the ESL is what overwrote your old value back. The CGW is sort of a passive memory and has no ability to write your old mileage back and btw it’s something you can correct with Merscleaner via OBD2. You simply forgot to reset the ESL. Redo the job and take care of the ESL and your old KM value won’t jump back. If that was a W212 you wouldn’t have to worry about it but with the W204 you need to.

Good luck!

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