CGDI MB ELV Repair VS ELV Emulator

Post is on what the difference between CGDI MB ELV Repair adapter and ELV Emulator, then how to operate.

There are two packages:
1. CGDI Benz+ELV Repair Adapter


2. cgdi Benz + EIS/ELV Test Line + ELV Emulator


Both packages can perform ELV repair?
CGDI Benz+ELV Repair Adapter is used to repair ELV.
1. Automatically forced clearing contents
2. Enable ELV, get out of suspended animation
3. Virgin, solve accidental errors
4. Test Write ELV, Determine if it is working properly
5. W204 W207 W212 W209 W906 Repairing locked chip

elv repair adapter

For ELV Emulator: when the car’s ELV is broken and fail to restore, however the car ower is not willing to change
a new ELV, then the ELV emulator can work.
How to Repair W204 W207 W212 ELV with CGDI MB + ELV repair adapter?

W204 w207 W212 ELV replace

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