Review Xtuner AM1011 Scanner on Hyundai Red live data in Waveform

Xtuner AM1011 to test on Hyundai and report the test result from customer


Linking to vehicle, then communicating.

Xtuner AM1011 display system status.

Select “OK” button to go to diagnostics, select “Yes” or “NO” to erase previously stored data to save data from this test?

Next to Control Module, two options are available: $7E9 and $7E8

Then to the Diagnostic Menu ( 10 screen pages in total)

Read codes ( stored codes, pending codes, permanent codes)

Erase codes

Live data

View freeze frame

I/M Readiness

On-board monitor test

Component test

Xtuner AM1011 can read Vehicle information including:

ID Number

Calibration ID

Cal. Verf.Number

ECU Name

Read VIN Number for Hyundai.

Back to test “I/M readiness”

Back to select “Live data”, 3 available options: View Data, Record Data and playback data.

After select “View Data”, 3 available options : Complete data set, custom data set and unit of measure.

After select “Complete data set”

As you can seee, Xtuner AM1011 can read Live data in Waveform format

To sum up:

The above post simply display a general Xtuner AM1011 code scanner review on Hyundai cars.

Hope it helps you a lot to know what Xtuner AM1011 scanner can do if you are interested in it.

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