HandBaby Instruction of 46 Chip Copy

Handy Baby Hand-held Key Programmer Instruction of 46 Chip Copy


1st step:Turn on the machine and go to main menu , use “up”
and “down” button to select language of English.


2nd Step:Read chip data of Original key as above picture
3rd Step:Press “OK” button to enter into Crack procedure


4th step:Insert the Original key into ignition, meanwhile keep
the signal coil of the clone machine near to the ignition coil,
turn on the ignition lock to collect the data(If you use the smart
card, put the signal coil of the clone machine near the ignition
before insert the key)


5th step:If it shown “Collect ok, crack now?” on screen, you
have successfully got the data from the car, just press “OK”
6th step:Put the OEM key into signal coil to decode


7th step:If it shows “Crack ok” as above picture shows, then
decoding OK, the key security code have been calculated.
8th step:Put clone chip into signal coil area, press “OK” to
9th step:It shows “Copy OK” as above picture shows. If you
want to copy more keys, just replace new chip and press ok as
step 8. If finished copy, press left button to quit.


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