GODIAG GT105 ECU IMMO Prog: OBD Short-Circuit Helper

GODIAG GT105 ECU IMMO Prog is newly designed to check communication status, short-circuit for Ford, VW, Audi, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Porsche Cayenne via OBD. It’s an inexpensive & mini tool that is very helpful for immo programming.

Only £45, what GODIAG GT105 can do?
1.5 OBD Short-Circuit Methods.
GT105 ECU Adapter is feathered with 5 buttons for different short circuit ways. No need to disassemble ECU any more, more safer & convenient.
Button 1 – GND 4-5: for short-circuit OBD2 PIN4-PIN5.
Button 2 – V1-16: for VW, AUDI, VAG series 4th & 5th car activate anti-theft or wake-up anti-theft system.
Button 3 – T4-13: for TOYOTA ECU synchronization after changing the engine ECU.
Button 4 – M1-4: for Mitsubishi all keys lost matching or all lost remote control key setting.
Button 5 – P3-7: for Old Porsche Cayenne anti-theft key learning.

2.Short-circuit Ford(2016-) all key lost via OBD.
More easier OBD short-circuit way, no more dismount the ECU. Supports Ford(2016-) all keys lost with other immo programming tools.

3.Check Communication Status.
VPW, CANH, CANL, K-Line indicator lights on GT105 ECU Connector can judge the communication status between the vehicle and diagnostic programming device. User can simply judge whether the communication is normal according to lights flashing.

4.Drawing power from battery for outdoor maintenance.
The GT105 power adapter cable can obtain 12V power from car battery to ensure a reliable power supply when outdoor working. It’s a good assistant to take along for on-site vehicle maintenance.

5.High compatibility with IMMO programming devices.
GODIAG GT105 ECU IMMO Prog AD supports to work with VVDI, OBDSTAR, AUTEL and other anti-theft matching tools to program keys. Such as Xhorse Key Tool Plus, VVDI Prog, CGDI Prog, Autel IM608…for key programming.

*In addition, standard OBD2 full protocol ECU programming line is optional purchase to work with MPPS, FGTech, KESS V2, etc.

How to short-circuit GODIAG GT105 ?

  • Short-circuit Ford(2016-) via OBD
    1.Connect positive pole to battery, negative pole to negative wire.
    2.Connect OBD2 connector with programming device.
    3.Plug GT105 into OBD2 port.


  • Short-circuit Toyota via OBD
    1.Press T4-13 button.
    2.Turn ignition on, plug GT105 into OBD.
    When the anti-thieft indicator flashes, which means it’s synchronizing.

How to acquire outdoor power supply via GT105 cable?
1.Connect GT105 power adapter cable to the positive & negative pole of vehicle battery.
2.Plug the other end of cable to the power port of device.
When the power light is on, which means connection is successful.


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Use Godiag GT105 to get power outdoors to make key tool plus work

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