Vident iSmart807 Pro Review: Functions Quick Look on Mercedes

Vident iSmart807Pro is a full system diagnostic tool support 25 service functions for over 80 car makers. This is a scanner functions quick preview testing on a Mercedes Benz.



  • No battery required, iSmart807Prois charged directly from the car.
  • 2 interfaces support Internet updatable via USB and data connection.

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There are 7 main functions on Home page: Diagnostics, EOBD, Maintenance, Playback, Language, Setup and About.

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  • Diagnostics
  1. To perform diagnostics, you should identify car model at first.

Eg. Diagnostics >> Europe >> Mercedes >> Automatic selection >> Confirm VIN code >> Select car year >> Select steering


  1. After scanning, you’re allowed to do ECU information, read fault code, diagnostic records, clear fault codes and real-time data.

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  • Maintenance

iSmart807 Pro features with 25 kinds of special functions including ABS bleed, AT adaption, airbag, BRT, change tire, change language, clutch adaptation, DPF, EPB, gear box, gear learn, head light, immobilizer, injector coding, odometer, oil reset, prime fuel pump, seat match, steering angle, sun roof, suspension, TPMS, throttle sensor reset, turbo and windows door.

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  • Language

iSmart807 Pro supports 18 languages such as English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Hungarian, Thai, Slovak.

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Full video:

Vident iSmart807 Pro All System All Makes Diagnostic Tool Introduction


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More reviews about iSmart807Pro to be continued.


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