Cloned VW Transponder 2001 chip ID44 7935 via TMPro2, trs5000 clone

VW Transponder 2001 need a spare key, chip 44 7935. which machine can copy? TMPro2, trs5000 clone are verified working.

Option 1. just code it with vcds.

Option 2. Use TMPro2 to copy VAG ID44 PCF7935.
I tried asking for pin no communication with OBD, right were is the pin in ECU or cluster.
I think that 7935 can’t be copied.
Analysis: There is immo box. Depends what tool you using. I’ve managed to get pin from that with OBDSTAR few times successfully. MVP can read that as well i think. Vvdi sometimes gives you wrong pin from immo box
TMPro2 source:

Guide on TMPro2 copy VAG ID44 PCF7935
You need to connect TMPro2 to laptop and run the software.
Insert key in hole and press Read and recognise transponder button. You can also use F5 button for to do this.

After then you will get the key information on the screen, include: chip type, chip data and chip page…if particular page is locked or not, etc. If key is capable to be copied, software automatically goes to relative software module (62,63,64,65,145,185,187). Software also shows type of transponder, that must be used for copying of your key.If key is not capable for copying, in left down corner you will see message ‘No data for copying’.

Note: for copying ID45 keys Peugeot 206/406: For copying Peugeot 206/406 ID45 keys software asks you if to start to extract of secret key or not.

Prior to copy the key, you have to continue with Yes. During extracting of secret key you MUST NOT remove original key from device until extracting completed.

Extracting time for ID45 keys can last maximium 10 seconds. At end of procedure you can see vehicle PIN code, if you need to program keys by diagnostic device.

Note: If you want to copy ID4D Texas crypto keys and ID46 Philips Crypto 2 keys, you need to buy extra cloner unit.
Insert key with needed transponder in TMPro antenna and press Program the transponder button. You can also use F6 button for to do this.

At end of programming you get ready to start car key.

Option 3. copied with trs5000 (clone)
All depend what tool you have. If you had a chance to 1) make key by cloning in 5 mins and 2) eeproming this old car – of course you would choose first option. And because TRS5000 can clone most of ID44 VAG (especially used in VW T4) it’s good question asked here. This is old car and just because of this why wasting time removing immobox and eeproming when clone might be possible and job done way quicker.

With TRS500 I cloned couple of, let’s say 5 was clonable and 1 was not so I programmed by OBD. If AKL sometimes can do via OBD, sometimes remove immobox. I think we always choose the easiest method first. If spare you always have car, if AKL then it depend, I would choose eeproming delivered box than driving 20 kilometers to try OBD solution.

It’s good to be always prepared for every possible situation to make job done but time is money and cloning this T4 is way faster than removing box.

Why I should charge more for the same job? Well nobody care doing spare key for almost 20 year old car how many keys are in system. (unless someone just stole it).

but this example I think it’s not necessary to waste time for eeproming when you can do it way faster for same price. Normally cloning for me is last option unless I’m doing old Ford 4D, 4C or example from here ID44 clonable.

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