Yanhua ACDP is programming, if someone called, what happened?

One practical question for Yanhua Mini ACDP that ” when it is programming, if someone called, what happened?”, the answer is there is no affection if you answered the phone within 10 minutes.

In other words, that is why you have to use WIFI connection. To answer the phone with WIFI connection, the internet connection won’t disconnect.

Here are Bluetooth and WIFI requirements and precautions:

1. Bluetooth Version Requirements: 4.0 or more
2. WIFI: 2.4G (5G is not supported temporarily)
1. If you cannot find the ACDP with an Android phone when you are using the “Initial use settings”. You can exit the APP and turn off the Bluetooth. When the “initialization settings” is restarted, the APP prompts to turn on the Bluetooth and turn it on again,which will help to solve some Bluetooth connection problems for some Android phones .

2. If your WIFI route is difficult to be connected successfully, You can try to connect with another mobile phone as a WIFI hotspot.




How does Yanhua Mini ACDP install on Android phone via wifi:


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