Benz ML Series W164 Mileage Correction via Obdstar X300M

Since Obdstar X300M is a good mileage correction tool for modern cars, today I’m gonna show how easy and fast to adjust mileage for a Mercedes Benz. I’ve disassembled its dashboard from the vehicle and connected it to X300M.

As we can see, the mileage is 210000km now.


Go to: Vehicles >> Cluster Calibrate >> Benz >> Benz V30.35 >> ML series >> W164

Switch ignition on.
Reading mileage…
Current mileage: 210000km, press “ENT”.
Input the mileage of the adjustment: 100000km, press “ENT”.
Modifying mileage…





Switch ignition off then on.
We can see the mileage has been changed to 10000km.
Mileage adjustment is successful.

This is how to use Obdstar X300M Odometer Correction Tool for a Benz. The procedure may go the same for other vehicles.

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