Autel MD808 Pro VS MD808 basic VS MD802

Autel MD808 Pro compare with MD808 basic and MD802 in the aspects of hardware and functions.

 In hardware:
Autel MD808 Pro is based on the ARM Thumb Processor (400 MHz), it needs only 6s booting time to allow you to build a more fluid user experience.

Autel MD808 pro: a revelation in diagnostic and service tool is launched with brand–new exterior in terms of design, structure and buttons;

MD808 PRO Included with 16G Micro SD Card, full color 800*480 display to take your diagnostic experience to a whole new level.

 In vehicle coverage:
MD808 PRO is upgrade version of Autel MD808 and Autel MD802, coverage more car and more systems.
MD808 PRO support all system of car, md808 only support 4 system.

 In functions:
Only Autel MD808 PRO support Steering Angel Learning, DPF functions, and Battery Registration and reset.

Autel MD808 PRO offers more advanced features and functions to troubleshoot basic four systems (Engine, Transmission, SRS and ABS) for major vehicles on the road today.

Autel MD808 pro is not just a diagnostic tool, but a professional service tool to service individual specialized systems, including Oil Reset, EPB, SAS, BMS and DPF, offers quick and easy solution to everyday task in the workshop.

MD808 PRO offers Live data graphing for all available modules.

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