How to clean the Yanhua ACDP JLR KVM Module test points

Yanhua ACDP Module 9 – Jaguar/Land Rover KVM Module works with Yanhua Mini ACDP, can support adding key and all-key-lost for new Jaguar and land rover after the year 2015. This post will guide you on how to clean the JLR KVM test points.

1. When reading JLR KVM module data by ICP, the pins detection shows unreliable contact. As shown in the following picture:


2. Find the location of the bad contacted test points according to the help document in APP.


3. Remove the interface board and use the Conformal coating cleaning probes to clean up the test points.


4. When cleaning the test point, use the Conformal coating cleaning probes to align the test point and rotate 1-2 turns. Do not put force when cleaning test points in order to avoid damaging the test points.



5. Reconnect the interface board for pin detection and data reading.



ACDP Master Basic Module + ACDP Jaguar/Land Rover KVM Module:

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