Xhorse MLB Tool + VVDI2 Add Audi A4L Smart Key Success

The newly launched Xhorse MLB Tool can support adding keys for Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, Lamborghini, Bentley, and other MLB vehicle models. It can easily work with VVDI2 or Key Tool Plus. Today we’ll show how to use the MLB Tool + VVDI2 to add the Audi A4L smart key.

Check the video to learn:

MLB-TOOL Operation
Connect the MLB-TOOL to the computer.
*TIP: Note that the TOP side needs to face upwards.

Put the key on the identification area of MLB-TOOL.

Enter the MLB-TOOL software for operation.
*Note that the original car key has already been connected to the MLB cable. If they are not connected, the original car key must be placed on the identification area, and you need to identify the key.

1. Identification Key >> OK
Refer to the diagram to complete the connection.

2. Collect key data >> Select the method as needed: No OEM key
This calculation will deduct 200 remote points, click OK to continue.
The process does not require on-board collection; the calculation will be automatically performed after completion.

The server calculation is successful!
Please place the key in the device identification area, and click OK for verification.

The collection is completed, please restore the key to its original state.
Click OK to save the server calculation data, which can be used to generate dealer keys and key learning!

3.Make Dealer Key >> Load calculation data file >> Generate dealer keys




VVDI2 Operation
Turn on the ignition switch.
Connect the vehicle to VVDI2, connect VVDI2 and the computer.
Keep the key close to the sensing coil.
Open VVDI2 software,
Audi >> Key learn >> MLB immobilizer system >> Read vehicle information >> Key learning >> Load data file
Learned key number/ total key number: 0/2 -> 1/2
Please put 1 key near the car ignition switch(nearby storage box with key flag), and press OK.

Put the second key near the car ignition switch.
All keys were successfully learned.





Test the new keys. Smart functions of the key can work.


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