Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus II vs. XC-Mini Plus

Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus II key cutting machine is the upgrade version of XC-MINI Plus. What are the differences between them? What new features doe it have? Let’s move forward.

Condor XC-Mini Plus II vs. XC-Mini Plus Comparison

Item Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus II Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus
Image xhorse-condor-xc-mini-plus-ii-vs-xc-mini-plus-comparison-(1) xhorse-condor-xc-mini-plus-ii-vs-xc-mini-plus-comparison-(2)
Screen Angle-adjustable 7” capacitive touch screen, 1280*720 pixels. Angle-adjustable 7” capacitive touch screen, 1024*600 pixels.
8-Core CPU Yes No
Power 200W 200W
Motor Rotation Speed 10000rpm 9000rpm
Bluetooth Yes, support smart APP control via mobile phone Yes, controlled by the Xhorse app to get enhanced functions.
WiFi Yes, support directly upgrade online via WiFi. No
Intelligent Indicator Light Yes, 3 colors.

Red – error warning.

Blue – normal working.

Yellow – info notification.

No, LED light
Protection Shield Yes Yes
USB Port DB15 USB 2.0
Clamps Standard equipped M5 clamp(M1+M2, 2-in-1) & M3 clamp.

Optional M1/M2 clamp, M4 clamp.

Standard equipped M1 & M2 clamp.

Optional M3 Clamp, M4 Clamp.

Powerful Database Yes, same as Condor Mini Plus Yes
All Key Lost Yes Yes
Self-Calibration Yes Yes
Key Duplication Yes Yes
Cut By Bitting Yes Yes
Key Blank Engraving Yes No
Take Photo To Recognize Bitting Yes Yes
Key 3D Preview Yes Yes
Customize Key Data Yes Yes
Offline Operation Available Yes No
Optical Key Bitting Recognition Yes, work with Xhorse Key Reader. Yes, work with Xhorse Key Reader.
Net weight 19kg 20kg
Update Online Upgrade online via WiFi directly. Upgrade via “Upgrade Kit” connecting with PC.

1. Multi-Purpose Clamp
Condor MINI Plus II is standard equipped with 2 clamps: M5 & M3 clamp. Optional M4 clamp. (M5 clamp = M1+M2 clamp)

XC-MINI Plus is standard equipped with an M1+M2 clamp, optional M3, M4 clamp.

2. Smart indicator lights
Condor MINI Plus II has 3 colors of light for a reminder while XC-MINI Plus has only LED light.

3. Key Blank Engraving
Condor MINI Plus II supports this function to customize unique design on key while XC-MINI Plus does not.

4. WiFi Connection
Condor MINI Plus II supports WiFi while the XC-MINI Plus only supports Bluetooth.

5. 8-Core CPU
Condor MINI Plus II is driven by an 8-core processor to run faster.

6. Other Features
Condor MINI Plus II has a higher pixel of touch screen & motor rotation speed, it’s available to operate offline.

1. Both support self-calibration, all key lost, key duplication and cut by bitting.
2. Same range of cutting key types(standard + optional clamp).
3. Both support key bitting recognition like taking photos to recognize bitting or working with Key Reader.
4. Both support App functions like key 3D preview & customize key data.
5. Both enjoy life-lone free online technical support.

What are new features?
– M5 clamp is more convenient when cutting keys, no need to dismount again and again.
– Indicators light is smarter to remind working status anytime.
– Key blank engraving allows cutting unique keys as required.
– WiFi connection + 8-core processor make the system running and operations to be faster & smoother.

New Condor XC-Mini Plus II is much smarter and revolutionary.
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