X431 V+ BMW X5 2005 ABS Bleeding & Ride Height Adjustment: Confirmed

Confirmed: Launch X431 V+ is able to bleed my abs pump and recalibrate my electronic ride height level on BMW X5 2005.

Browse http://qcar.x431.com/newqcar/
Choose model: X series,
Year: 2005
System: Electronic Ride-Height Control (EHC)
You will see: Ride Height Adjustment and Ride Height Sensor Check are supported.
x431 v-bmw-x5-2005-abs-bleeding-ride-height-adjustment-01

Then select system ” Dynamic Stability Control (ABS/ACS/DSC)” and you will have ABS bleeding function is listed.
x431 v-bmw-x5-2005-abs-bleeding-ride-height-adjustment-02 x431 v-bmw-x5-2005-abs-bleeding-ride-height-adjustment-03 x431 v-bmw-x5-2005-abs-bleeding-ride-height-adjustment-04

Launch X431 V+ tech support:

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