Will Autel IM608 calibrate cluster on 2019 Chevy Cruze?

2019 Chevy Cruze took Canadian cluster out to change faceplate, put back in all needles aligned to ZERO. When i turn the vehicle on everything is perfect all gauges cycle. When i drive the vehicle analog and the digital in the center message screen are OFF. Does anyone have any idea if it needs calibration and if Autel IM608 can calibrate?


How to do next? let’s read the professional’s advice:
You can’t just swap faceplate. software needs to be changed as well .
You”ll need to replace that cluster and of course you’ll have to program it using GM SPS. Don’t even think about getting a used one. WILL NOT WORK

After reading the above advice, I have a question:
cluster dont need to be replaced because i know a speedo place that will program it but off course they dont tell me what they’re using to do the job.

Well. As long you know how to edit hex file than you do not need to replace it.

Hold on…
Did u really take the KM faceplate off and put on a MPH faceplate? U thought that was going to work? If it had the software for MPH of the needle gauge it would have both KM and MPH on the gauge.
You need a new cluster.

it does have both on the Canadian one yes KM AND MILES. so yes it’s compatible but the faceplate i installed is only miles. With GM clusters most of them that comes only with KM only they switch digital and no need for changing faceplate. On the Cruze however they come with both KM AND MILES but KM are in bigger font

Any other optional method:
On startup, do the gauges sweep? I think it’s 10x sweep to get it to calibrate to 0. Give it a try, it’s free and easy…

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