Why can’t obdstar x300 dp plus be updated after authorization?

We recently received feedback from a customer who purchased OBDSTAR x300 dp plus a one-year update and authorization has been activated, but the update is not yet complete.

“When I did the updates, the updates were all gone. If you then went to updates, it indicated that the device is up to date and there are no new updates. if I go on now it shows me updates, if you want to download it shows Download Failed. That means there are updates but I can’t download them. I was just trying to read errors on a car, this no longer works. ”

Device Information:



Solution: Remote access to solve this problem.

Engineers connect the customer ’s device 4 times, every day 1-time remote.
Troubleshoot one by one, it ’s not the X300 DP PLUS problem, nor his operation problem. It is the download server’s IP is intercepted, engineers reset the IP, then solved, his machine can be updated and work.

Customer reply:
All updates work again!
Thank you for your help and for your patience.

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