What’s Speical function X-100 Pad has and How to Setting X-100 Pad

X100 Pad and How to Setting X100 Pad

First , X-100 Pad Special Functions
After the VCI box is connected to the vehicle and paired with X-100
PAD mainframe via wired or wireless connection, diagnosis can be
performed. The diagnostic interface is as shown below


secondly X-100 Pad Settings
By selecting Setting users can set the language, unit and other system
related options:

1.Languages: select the language. Please tick the required option
from the multi-language options on the right.


2. Bluetooth:
Enter homepage to find and pair the VCI serial number with the
mainframe. If it needs input the pairing password, you can input the
last five numbers of the serial number. (e.g: 00005).


Select the VCI serial number and X-100 PAD will pair with it automatically when running X-100 PAD APP.


3. Units: Select unit of measurement. Users can select Metric or
British Unit.


4. Device Self Test
Self-test the VCI interface. Please send X-100 PAD back to our factory
for repair if self test fails.


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