VVDI Key tool Bonus points FAQ: How to get & how to use

How much points does VVDI Remote function give you?

From Xhorse normal-wire remote you get 25 bonus points.

From Xhorse-wireless remote you get 40 bonus points.


How to check the Xhorse Points?
The bonus points can be stored on the Xhorse points server by using Xhorse Upgrade Kit software.

The bonus points can be easily checked from the Xhorse Customer self-service system .


I have only 50 point after combine vvdi2 with keytool
Should I not have been credited points for each activation on VVDI2 when I bought it new ???
Where are all those points
Where are the points for my adapters i bought
Where are the points for my X horse VW keys i bought
Where are the points for my Cutting bits i bought
Where are the points for my Tracers i bought
Where are the points for All extras i bought
Key Tool APP shows that you get points for everything that you buy from X Horse
I should be in excess off over 5000 point by now with all the things i bought

you collecting points when you generate Xhorse remotes or buy activations like 48 96bit
Keytool app show “shop” when you can exchange points for items.

In details:
You spend those points to buy stuff, instead of spending real dollars.
You don’t get points for buying stuff. Points can be only acquired by generating X or XN remotes/copying transponders on XN remotes(20/30) and by activating the ID48 96bit function(1500).

By the way the Xperia phones have something different – I also experienced problems with older versions of the VVDI Key Tool app but with the latest version everything is OK. Huawei Honor also had some issues earlier but now they’re gone. So just update to latest version if you haven’t already.


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