Use VVDI MB BGA Tool to program W164 after 2009 all keys lost

Ignition W164 after 2009
Select W164 after 2009


Connect Power Adaptor + ignition + ZGW

Connect Power Adaptor + ignition + ZGW

W164 EIS:


VVDI MB BGA TOOL 100% adds new keys to w164.
vvdi-mb-W164-lost-all-keys-1 vvdi-mb-W164-lost-all-keys-2 vvdi-mb-W164-lost-all-keys-3 vvdi-mb-W164-lost-all-keys-4 vvdi-mb-W164-lost-all-keys-5 vvdi-mb-W164-lost-all-keys-6 vvdimb-W164-lost-all-keys-7 vvdi-mb-W164-lost-all-keys-8 vvdi-mb-W164-lost-all-keys-9

Q: Why VVDI-MB can’t read W164 EIS OBD on table? can’t start communication with EIS
A: You need gateway.
And before 09 read it with programmer and if after 09 with nec you can calculate password online.
Lost all keys 2 tokens.

Q: Where to get an chema of gateway with w164 EIS connected on table?
A: Please check it in Starfinder or WIS.

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