MB SD C4 Plus DELL D630 Laptop VS SD C4 PLus EVG7 Tablet PC

Recently, some cutomers asked obd2shop.co.uk they are confused with MB SD Connect C4 Star Diagnosis plus Dell D630 and MB SD Connect C4 Star Diagnosis plus EVG7 Diagnostic Controller Tablet PC.



Which kit will be better? Maybe you want to ask for several times. And obd2shop.co.uk engineer would like to share their opinions about these two kit with you.
1. Both these two combination can help you diagnose MB cars or trucks including reading out and erasing fault code, reading the real-time data of sensor and actuator, coding and programming.
2. No matter which combination you purchase, the software on your Dell D630 or EVG7 will be preinstalled before delivery. Thus, when you get it, you can directly use it.

1) About Price :  

MB SD C4 Plus EVG7 Tablet PC price is higher than MB SD C4 Plus DELL D630

2) About the Laptop/PC:  

DELL D630 Laptop is Used Second Hand Laptop may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended

EVG7 is Original Brand New Tablet PC,with touch screen is of good quality and convenient to carry.

3) About HDD :  

MB SD C4 Plus DELL D630 Latop is with DELL D630 Internal HDD, Run Faster

MB SD C4 Plus EVG7 Tablet PC We install the Dell HDD on Tablet PC, and activate for you ready to use.

4) About WIFI

MB SD C4 Plus DELL D630 Laptop can support WIFI function

MB SD C4 Plus EVG7 Tablet PC can not suppport WIFI, that is because The EVG7 Table PC doesn’t support wifi function

5) About Be Suitable For

MB SD C4 Plus DELL D630 Laptop is more suitable for people who live an economical life, because this combination is cheaper and Dell 630 has a stronger ability for compatible software and it has the same function as the other kit expect wifi.

SD C4 Plus EVG7 Tablet PC is designed especially for the professional garage and mechanic car repair services for the key feature of this PC is to be full-compatible for vehicle diagnostic devices software.

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