Lonsdor KW100: Quick Generate for Toyota/Lexus AKL/Add Key

The 2024 New Lonsdor KW100 Accessory pre-order is available now. Supports quick identify Toyota/Lexus smart key in key adding or all keys lost situations. Quick generation for Lonsdor LT20 Smart Keys.

Generate smart key
Detect remote frequency
Detect frequency sequence
Modify frequency
Get version info
Unlock key
Read button function
Modify button type
Upgrade key
Identify chip
Modify remote count value


Product dimension 120*70*20mm
Carton size 17*13.5*4,,
Carton size 22*14.5*8.5mm
Communication method Bluetooth 5.0
Application 1. Included a standard cable for power supply.

2. On one end connect to a smartphone or DC5V output, and connect to the KW100 on the other end.



How to use Lonsdor KW100?

Here’s using Lonsdor KW100 to quickly generate the 2016 Toyota Crown smart key in key adding/AKL situation for example.

Key Adding Situation
Here we have an original key and a new LT20 smart key.
Connect KW100 & smartphone, and open the Lonsdor app:
KW100 >> Quick generation >> Quick generate(with key) >> Start
If the key cannot be identified, please slowly take it 15-20 cm away from the identification area, the detection will take time, so please wait…
Acquired successfully.
It shows the key type and frequency.

Put an LT20 smart key(with battery) into the KW100 card slot.
Continue >> Select button >> Start to generate >> OK
Wait KW100 processed until 100%…
Generation successful.








All Keys Lost Situation
The car is locked and the original key is out of the car.
Open the door to start.
KW100 >> Quick generation >> Quick generate(AKL) >> Start
Please step on the brake, and press Start button every 5s.
This function will take about 1-3 mins, Please wait properly…
Acquired successfully.
We can see the key type and frequency already.

Put an LT20 smart key(with battery) into the KW100 card slot.
Continue >> Select button >> Start to generate >> OK
Wait KW100 processed until 100%…
Generation successful.

Then we can use Lonsdor K518 PRO to finish the key programming.




Lonsdor quick generate is the fastest way ever, to detect key information of vehicles and generate smart keys. Pre-order now to enjoy instant access to convenience and efficiency in the Lonsdor LT20 key generation.

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