Lonsdor LT20 Smart Key: Best 8A 4D Toyota & Lexus Solution

Lonsdor has achieved outstanding results on the LT20 series key board to provide solutions for Toyota & Lexus 4D/8A key programming. The LT20 smart key board family includes 8 types from LT20-01 to LT20-08. Among them, the best sales belong to LT20-04 key board.

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Lonsdor LT20-04NJ board number 2110, 0020 are the best key solution for Toyota Land Cruiser, RAV4. With exceptional stability & reliability, it can work during -20℃-60℃ conditions.

Lonsdor LT20-04 Support List
Toyota Prado(14-15, 17)
Toyota Crown(12-13, 15-19)
Toyota Land Cruiser(13)
Toyota Highlander(13, 15-21)
Toyota Prado(13-16, 19-21)
Toyota Reiz(12-14)
Toyota RAV4(13-18)
Toyota Levin(16-18)
Toyota Camry(12-16)
Toyota Corolla(14-18)
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Lonsdor LT20-08 board number Toyota 0410 is the best solution for Toyota Camry & Avalon(2018-2022). It supports 30-60 meters of signal transmission to deliver the highest industry standards.

Just using with Lonsdor K518ISE to be a master locksmith.
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