Lonsdor K518 key programmer Test Report

Since its released, lonsdor k518ise k518 key programmer has attracted many attentions. This post will show you the real test reports from customers.

1. All under one minute 2018 Kia Forte remote … didn’t even have ignition on

2. Add RAV4 2016 smart key (using type3) successfully

3. The Lonsdor K518 can do the 10 minutes bypass on old ford 2000-2009

4. USA – Toyota prius C – G chip all key lost OK

5. Nissan versa automatic pincode and program done, very fast.

6. passat B6 2005 year remote programing OK

7. CAMRY 50 2013 – all key lost OK – G chip

8. Ford Focus 2012 all keys lost ADD key1 ok

9. Test in vw amarok, program key done, kms done !

10. Mini cas3 done, all key lost bmw 540 cas2 japon model done. volvo xc60 done

11. Reset G immobox done, immobox vw read pincode ok but no program key

12. 2005 Renault Scenic 3 button card key. Key was coded within 1 minute without the
need to enter a pin code.

13. 2007 Suburu Impreza. ID62 chip coded using System 1

14. 2007 Nissan Qashqai. took me 5 minutes to code remote key. Would have taken less if I didn’t have to go through the different systems before device communicated properly.The pin was automatically generated and entered buy device. see photo All European Cars

15. If you add key for BYD, K518ISE won’t ask for Pin code.

If you program new keys when all keys lost, it requires 16-bit pin code, and if you
need to change IK box, please ensure you have,15-bit repair code at the same time. For the 16-bit pin code, read out the key data and go for BYD service center to calculate.
Procedure: Open K518ISE, click on IMMO -> BYD-> smart key-> G3- read key data, put the original new key close to the Start button and follow the prompt the read out the key data then send it to the professional locksmith or BYD service center. After that you use the pin code to program new key.

To be continued…

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