KEYDIY KD-X2 price for id 48 cloning if you do not have tokens?

As known, Keydiy kd-x2 ID48 clone is free to use if you have enough tokens or kd-coins.

What is the price for id 48 cloning if you do not have tokens and what way do you buy them?


Clone id48 = 10usd
Pay with PayPal, charged 11usd.

There is a wallet function in the app.
Make sure that you register yourself and the device.
Once the account is approved, you can top up your wallet, using PayPal.

I guess that when the time comes that the device needs coins, it will give a wallet to coins option.

So far, i loaded 20usd.
Still waiting for my keydiy device to arrive, so this is as far as i got.


So, how to get keydiy kd-x2 ID48 clone for free?

  1. It will be charging 150 kd-coins for each key or $10usd token for each , you earn free k coins for every remote you generate with kdx2 , you will get 20 k coins for each remote you generate with it , so every 8 remotes you generate you will get 1 free id48 clone , you cannot transfer tokens from other kd units to kdx2 as different tokens .
  2. In mobile app you need make verification with your mobile phone number (IOS or Android is ok). once verified and registered within the app you will receive 50 kd-coins.



How to register your personal info?

1: Tap “Me”.

2: Tap “Certification”.

3: Verify both sides of your ID card.

4: User authorization succeed 50 KD-coins.

5: Tap “My KD-coins” to check how many kcoins you have.


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