Jaguar and Land Rover Key Programmer: Lonsdor JLR-IMMO VS Mart Tool

Lonsdor JLR-IMMO JLR Doctor Key Programmer is something different from Mart Tool in the manufacturer, outlook, Jaguar Land Rover list etc.

Here we go for details:

1. Lonsdor JLR-IMMO JLR Doctor Key Programmer


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As you can see, Lonsdor JLR tool features in:
1). Handheld without working with a computer
2).Comes with OBDII 16pin cable that means it can work by connecting to the vehicle’s 16pin port.
3). Comes with a USB cable for registering, activating and update.

Lonsdor JLR-IMMO is designed to program car keys and applicable to above 95% of Jaguar and LandRover models currently (VPW protocols of Jaguar’s old model is unsupported). JLR-IMMO supports OBD program mode, and more than 50 software versions for KVM as well. A majority of KVM case is dismantle-free and can be programmed with this device.

The JLR Doctor added KVM and BCM
KVM : FK72-14C104-BF
BCM : BJ32-14C184-AC
KVM : DPLA-14c104-CA (without reflash, working directly without degrade or upgrade)

FK72-14C104-BA NEW
FK72-14C104-BB NEW
FK72-14C104-BC NEW
FK72-14C104-BD NEW
FK72-14C104-BE NEW
FK72-14C104-BF NEW
BH42-14C184-AA NEW

BJ32-14C184-AC NEW

Lonsdor JLR-IMMO Supported Vehicle:

1. LandRover 2008-: Immobilizer and smart key
2. LandRover Discovery3: Immobilizer
3. LandRover Freelander: Immobilizer and smart key
4. LandRover Freelander2: Immobilizer and smart key
5. LandRover Discovery4: smart key
6. LandRover Evoque: smart key
7. LandRover Defender: remote
8. LandRover new models KVM case’s software version: FK72
9. LandRover new models KVM case’s software version: HPLA
10. Jaguar XF: smart key
11. Jaguar SJ: smart key
12. Jaguar F-TYPE: smart key
13. Jaguar X-TYPE: Immobilizer
14. Jaguar Soverign: Immobilizer
15. Jaguar XJ6: Immobilizer
16. Jaguar XJ8: Immobilizer
17. Jaguar XJR: Immobilizer
18. Jaguar XK: remote
19. Jaguar XKR: remote
20. Jaguar new models KVM case’s software version: FK72
21. Jaguar new models KVM case’s software version: HPLA

FAQ: Can Lonsdor JLR IMMO support all keys lost?
Answer: for the older Jaguar, Land Rover before 2015 year with the starting with the number “DPLA”, Lonsdor JLR IMMO can support all keys lost (Following image 1).
For the number starting with “FK72-F01631-AB” and “HPLA”, Lonsdor JLR IMMO can add key(Following image 2 & 3).


lonsdor-jlr-immo-add-key lonsdor-jlr-immo-add-key-02

2. Mart Tool Key Programmer for Jaguar and Land Rover (2015-2018)


Image source
As you can see, the Mart Tool is a windows-based Land Rover and Jaguar key programmer. It is designed to add new keys and program new keys when all keys lost for Land Rover and Jaguar KVM keys with Number FK72 HPLA.

Way to use Mart Tool:
use Xhorse VVDI Prog read out KVM D-FLSH and EEE data in KVM, then use this Mart Tool generate new keys and data,finally write back to KVM.


Both are available on

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