How to update launch X431 Software Renewal

This post will guide you how to update launch X431 Software Renewal.

Step 1
Enter x431 app and login in, then click “Software Update”


Step 2

After pressing “Software Update”, we enter software update management interface



Step 3

Select the software you want to update and press the update button, it will update to the latest version automatically.


For example:

Input “ford” in the search bar and press update button, it will download the latest version and install automatically later, you will find the ford software in the download lists.




The software has been successfully installed.


If you cannot download or update software normally, please check below
1. Internet connecting
2. Login in or not
3. Enough storage space on this device
4. Your device is using your device in the right area, e.g. you can’t download software in Europe on a device bought from United State
5. Software usage rights have not expired

Hope it helps!

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