How to solve CGDI MB erase 7G TCU I error “erase failed” ?

Question: When I try to use the erase password with CGDI MB Programmer to erase 7G TCU I get error message that says erase failed. 2012 S63 AMG 722.931 Do I need to remove the TCU and do it on the bench and not in the car ?

Experienced user said:
I saw on YouTube ECU reset process with CGDI, there was fault to reset several times. And he just read, try to reset, read again. And after 6-7 time fault occurred after read ECU was renewed. So maybe you should try to do it several times.
I was reading 7g at Friday, got an erase password, but I didn’t try to reset. Cause I have another job to do on it. But when I come back to work I will do what I need and try to reset TCU. I just need some time to get healthy.

Official how-to guide:
How to use CGDI MB programmer to reset Mercedes ECU ME9.7 on Bench with success.






Look here: TCU 722.9 reset ok. Did 2 TCU’s: VGS2 and VGS3.

Good luck!

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